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GB7RR information

Output Frequency
439.600 MHz

Input Frequency
430.600 MHz

9MHz Split

DMR colour code 1

Latest News

June 2018 - GB7RR temporarily off air from June 1st 2018 due to site loss. The team are currently searching for an alternative location

May 2016 - Talkgroups simplified and TS1 TG9 linked to 2 other repeaters in the East Midlands - GB7LR in Leicester and GB7DC in Derby.  DStar Bridge has been disconnected.

December 2015 - UK network changed to BrandMeister to enhance infrastructure.

DMR / DStar bridge now hosted by GB7FC.  DStar users should now connect to reflector DCS005F to contact DMR users via the bridge.

14 July 2015 - GB7RR site relocation to Dorket Head, Nottingham.

10 May 2015 - News from TYT Quanzhou Electronics to inform Amateurs of the new low cost DMR TYT Hand Held to emerge from China, which will no doubt increase the number of Amateurs being able to afford joining us on this new emerging Digital Technology.  See the Mason Electronics website for more details.

25 February 2015 - Installation of Dstar / DMR bridge software.

14th February 2015 - GB7RR connected and commissioned for live operation

GB7RR Information

Following on from the installation and live operation of GB7RR the FIRST Hytera repeater in the UK on the DMRplus Hytera network on the 14th February 2015. Today saw another FIRST in the UK for GB7RR with the addition of a DMR / D-Star bridge between the GB7RR repeater and the UK DCS005 Reflector Module F.  This now means DMR and D-Star users can communicate with each other using the bridge in both directions i.e. DMR To D-Star & D-Star To DMR. The number translation takes place within the bridge, for further information on the BrandMeister network including how you could link your Motorola repeater to this developing network please contact us here

After moving the repeater to it's new site it was decided by the GB7RR team to discontinue the D-Star to DMR Bridge that we had running on GB7RR.  After we first initiated this gateway it was done as an experimental task as well as trying to encourage amateur traffic on the network, this seemed to work well as the first and only bridge on the system at the time. GB7FC was chomping at the bit to start a bridge through the Blackpool repeater which eventually they did with the help of Jon G4TSN.  With two Bridges running together the system started to fall over with bad audio and connectivity problems.  It was then decided not to continue when we moved GB7RR as Dave M0AUT keeper of GB7FC expressed that he would like to continue the bridge which was good news as the system would still have the bridge for amateurs to use, you will find it on DCS005 F from D-Star.

In December 2015 the network was changed to the BrandMeister network to enhance the infrastructure.

May2016 - Simplified talkgroups policy introduced to avoid confusion and network congestion.  DStar bridge has now been disconnected.

The GB7RR repeater team would like to thank Mark M0NRT for help creating and maintaining this web site.