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GB7RR information

Output Frequency
439.600 MHz

Input Frequency
430.600 MHz

9MHz Split

DMR colour code 1

Latest News

June 2018 - GB7RR temporarily off air from June 1st 2018 due to site loss. The team are currently searching for an alternative location

May 2016 - Talkgroups simplified and TS1 TG9 linked to 2 other repeaters in the East Midlands - GB7LR in Leicester and GB7DC in Derby.  DStar Bridge has been disconnected.

December 2015 - UK network changed to BrandMeister to enhance infrastructure.

DMR / DStar bridge now hosted by GB7FC.  DStar users should now connect to reflector DCS005F to contact DMR users via the bridge.

14 July 2015 - GB7RR site relocation to Dorket Head, Nottingham.

10 May 2015 - News from TYT Quanzhou Electronics to inform Amateurs of the new low cost DMR TYT Hand Held to emerge from China, which will no doubt increase the number of Amateurs being able to afford joining us on this new emerging Digital Technology.  See the Mason Electronics website for more details.

25 February 2015 - Installation of Dstar / DMR bridge software.

14th February 2015 - GB7RR connected and commissioned for live operation


Welcome to the GB7RR Repeater Donation / Support Page, if you have joined the emerging technology on the the BrandMeister network and use GB7RR we would like you to consider a donation that would go towards the running, maintenance and upgrade cost.  If you have a PayPal account it's so easy to donate and support your local repeater.  It doesn't matter what you give it helps, please try and support us if you are able to do so.

Thank You The GB7RR Repeater Team 6th October 2015

Or by post : Make Cheque's Payable to "GB3IN Repeater" and send to
Steve Sorockyj G0LCG
8, Bowden Avenue,
Bestwood Village,
Or I can be contacted on 07813 327114
Or Email

Station's who have Supported GB7RR Past & Present with Thanks.........

Stuart M0WTX@GB7SJ 01/18

Sean GI7ULJ 1/17, Haydn M6YTX 8/17, Wayne 2E0EMF 8/17, Peter G7DMD 9/17, Haydn M6YTX 12/17

Philip G0ELM 1/16, Steve M1ERS 1/16, Frank G8NSD 1/16, Martin MM0DUN @ GB7DD 02/16, Abdel M0NPT 03/16, Alisdair M0WAB 03/16. Mason Electronics (Derby) 04/16, Carl G6UFV 05/16, Bob M0NGT 05/16, Mark 2E0MBH 08/16, Pedro M0IEI 12/16

Steve G0LCG 10/15, Mark M0NRT 10/15, Jon G4TSN 10/15, Roger M0HRR 10/15, Cyril 2E0SAU 10/15, Joe M0JEL 10/15, Richard G1ZGZ 10/15, Robert 2E0RHG 10/15, Chris G8RBW 10/15, Marvin M3VRV 10/15, Gary M0GLP 11/15, Peter M0KEF 11/15, Ian G4EVK 12/15, Colin G1IVG 12/15.